Tips for Hiking with Your Dog #infographic

Tips for Hiking with Your Dog #infographic

Hiking can help to improve health and lose weight. Research has shown hiking can help relieve anxiety and reduce the risk of depression. And, of course, one of the best ways to enjoy it is to take along your furry pet!

It does take a lot of endurance, however, which is why choosing the right breed is important because some dogs might not be fit enough. Once you're halfway done you really don't want to stop because your pooch is too exhausted to keep going. Imagine if that happens when the night is near and you don't have the right gear to walk in the dark.

First, make sure you are mentally and physically ready to go hiking with your furry friend. Get in shape by keeping a slow pace on a regular stroll. Starting to practice and going for small hikes to build up the stamina is great too. Instead, slowly increasing the length to ensure that you are both comfortable enough for a more intense adventure.

When training your dog, consider using a dog muzzle to form the habit of not eating everything they see. This is to ensure they are safe at all times because you can find poisonous plants when you walk around.

Tips for Hiking with Your Dog #infographic

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