Healing Process and Complete Brief about Industrial Piercing #Article

Healing Process and Complete Brief about Industrial Piercing #Article

Would you like to go for industrial piercing if you have never experienced having a piercing in life? Chances are many individuals might say yes because this type of piercing is done for connecting a couple of cartilage piercings.

This kind of piercing might be more painful than the normal earlobe piercings, but it looks quite cool and fashionable. So, what’s industrial piercing after all? You will get the answer below.

What is Industrial Piercing?

It is a very simple process of connecting two or even a few more piercings using a single piece of jewelry. The piercing sounds a bit too technical, but you do not need to worry about it.

Take it as an easy-going cartilage piercing featuring two perforations. Dissimilar to other varieties of piercings, the common area for this type is across the helix or the cartilage on the upper layer of the ear. There is one piercing going through the area where the ear joins the skull or the forward helix, and the other one goes through the back of the ear or the ear helix.

Industrial piercing jewelry blends come in other varied options as well. For instance; such piercings can even join daith and helix piercings, or conch and roof piercings.

What Is the Right Way of Getting It?

The very first thing you need to work on is getting hold of a knowledgeable and experienced piercer or piercing parlor. Have a word with the professional regarding the equipment setup. You also need to ensure that everything is clean and tidy before starting with the process.

The piercer will wear and gloves and start marking the location of the industrial piercing. The professional will generally draw a line between the two locations of the piercing. They will also show you this rough draft of the process so that you know you are getting the piercing exactly where you want. You can even go for some other placement option after this rough presentation has been developed.

Next, on your confirmation, the piercer will make the holes and insert jewelry instantly. Ask all questions you might be having in your mind to avoid any kind of confusion.

Healing Process and Complete Brief about Industrial Piercing #Article

Are These Piercings Painful?

Since there are two piercings involved in the procedure, instead of one, an industrial piercing can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this kind of piercing involves making holes through the cartilage with no nerve endings. Hence, the pain is not very intense. It is generally the pre-piercing anxiety that seems to be worse than the original piercing. Therefore, it always works to be positive about the process and the result. Also, the piercing might take a bit too long to heal because it goes through the cartilage.

What Is the Healing Process and Time of an Industrial Piercing?

Proper hygiene, routine, and a bit of luck can help you determine the pace at which the piercing heals. Leaving the double holes on your ear cartilage alone without touching them and proper aftercare can help the piercing in healing within a month or so. Healing time might vary from one person to another.

Before opting for industrial piercing, keep all these points in mind so that you do not have to face any problem after it is done.

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