Evolution of Programming Languages #infographic

Evolution of Programming Languages #infographic

Computer programming has become part of our everyday lives and almost every computer we use relies on a certain algorithm which is built by writing a program. With the study of computer languages, humans communicate a meaning by using a particular language in the same way that machines interact. It enables us to monitor equipment , software, and other tools.

We have been developing programming languages since the 19th century and now we have mastered them. Many of you don't know that in 1843 British mathematician Ada Lovelace was written the programming language for the first time.

Java and Python are among the world's most widely used programming languages. Programming languages are changing day by day while enhancing the lives of people with advances in technology. So, let's Visualize the evolution of programming languages through this infographic.

Evolution of Programming Languages #infographic

infographic by: www.zenesys.com

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