What Americans Are Searching For During the Pandemic #infographic

If it is from the 24-hour news cycle or the multitude of people in public wearing face masks, the daily reminders of COVID-19 's effect are unavoidable. The financial influence is especially prevalent, with millions relying on federal government support.

It's only normal for people to turn to Google to answer some of their most important financial questions while trapped inside. During the coronavirus pandemic, we took a deep dive into what Americans are searching for to better understand how people deal with their personal finances — and what it means for their future.

In early May 2020, the search "rent and mortgage cancelation act" was a breakout word , meaning it was searched more than 5,000 percent more than the previous month. That bill would eliminate rental and mortgage payments on primary residences for the duration of the U.S. national emergency for some background.

What Americans Are Searching For During the Pandemic #infographic

infographic by: www.moneycrashers.com

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