Top 7 Trending .Net Affairs in 2020 you Need to Study #Article

Top 7 Trending .Net Affairs in 2020 you Need to Study #Article #Software #Technology

Technology is what dominates the world as it keeps evolving. Therefore, everyone has to keep up with the constant changes. There are trends affairs of .Net Framework that we can see happening even as we speak. Companies are also keeping up with the changes occurring in the tech-world to use them in their business. We can say this is an exciting time for .net developer as they acquaint themselves and study more. Their service is in high demand, as the world anticipates Microsoft significant changes. Before we look at those .Net affairs, first, let's understand the Framework.

What is a .NET Framework?

The .NET is simply a Microsoft framework providing guidelines for programming that developers can use to build a variety of applications such as Window-based, including mobile, and web. It is a framework that supports a variety of languages like Visual Basic, C++, F#, C#, and VB.NET. The first .NET was introduced in 2002 and was known as .NET framework 1.0. Since then, it has evolved a lot with amazing features. Recently, the company announced the last release of a separate version known as .Net core 3.1.

1. .Net 5

Finally, the anticipated .Net 5 is here. Being one of the developer's favorites, it gives the option to migrate to Blazor or Vue SPA Framework. Other technology-stacks are quickly adopting the new Framework. Such include UWP, WPF, and WinForms.

2. Azure cloud

Top 7 Trending .Net Affairs in 2020 you Need to Study #Article

The Azure cloud is trending because of the storage capacity that is going to benefit the client-side. There is such a relief of storing data and accessing it anytime you want, from anywhere around the world. As the cloud trend for business increases, there's a lot needed to study. The companies using ASP.NET-based applications, with the help of ASP.NET MVC, can quickly deploy on the cloud.

3. Blazor Framework

It is a Framework that .Net developers need to study; for instance, in the case of JavaScript, you use C#. It works on all modern web browsers, including mobiles. It is a single-page app development used to build interactive client-side web applications. You can run a .Net in your browser, without the need for plugins, Java, or Silverlight.

4. ML.NET 1.4

A new Microsoft-MLNET 1.4 comes with a Machine Learning tool that will help you add new exciting features to your .Net applications. It brings this ML analytics to .Net developers, so they can develop custom ML models using AutoML. Although data science experience is unnecessary, a developer has a lot to study from this new Framework.

5. .Net Core

This newly-released MS. Platform has become quite popular. It includes AOT, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, XAMARIN. ML.NET, JIT, Base Class Library, F#, WinForms, WPF, Entity Framework, AOT, and Runtime. It enhances the writing and reading of JSON, as it supports HTTP/2.

6Security Update

One of the .Net features is an MVC architecture, leaning towards SoC, which enables a secure application. Other security features include validations, encryptions, codes check, and access security. There is an eminence of privilege vulnerability in the .Net Framework. However, the new security update addresses this by correcting the process that Framework uses to activate COM objects.

7. The size of .Net Library

It has a massive predefined class library that supports simple and complex data. That means you can apply other developer's work (written-code) to your programs. The Framework has specific libraries such as security and encryption. You can also access their database.

How do you install the .Net Framework?

Top 7 Trending .Net Affairs in 2020 you Need to Study #Article

If you use Microsoft Windows, you may have some applications that were created by .Net Framework. The only way to run those apps is to have.Net Framework installed in your system. By default, most Windows versions already come in-built with it. If it prompts you to download it by your order, all you need is to click that link.

Technologies supported by .Net Framework you need to study as a.Net developer;

ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET)

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

ADO.NET (Active Data Object.NET)

LINQ (Language Integrated Query)

WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation)

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

In conclusion

.Net is a Framework that is most secure, robust, and has an array of useful tools and many libraries. It is highly-valued by .Net developers for building web pages, dynamic web, and mobile development.

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