Why The Future is Video Marketing Statistics #infographic

Why The Future is Video Marketing Statistics

Have you seen this video online today? Odds are you could have. For good cause, video is becoming increasingly relevant and popular. It is one of the best marketing tools for a business campaign today. It is not shocking, since this type of advertising is successful in growing the brand's visibility.

Video excites viewers and connects them, whether they absorb entertainment, politics, sport or company politics, as few other content.Video has the ability to draw people together, participate in global discussions and educate them.

That is why experienced digital marketers know that video is a critical component of a large marketing strategy. Blog posts, social media and white papers are all well and good, but if the latest trends hold up, video will be the future of marketing, and even the internet itself.

After all, in just a few years, Cisco Systems' video ventures will account for 82 per cent of U.S. user internet traffic.Today's marketer is already catching on to the need for video, and we'll discuss with this infographic why those who haven't embraced video will want to do so soon or risk being left behind.

Why The Future is Video Marketing Statistics #infographic

infographic by: www.omnicoreagency.com/

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