How Taking PTO Can Help You Get Ahead at Work #infographic

How Taking PTO Can Help You Get Ahead at Work #infographic

Do you ever find yourself on overdrive trying to finish a project that you just aren’t able to focus on? You may find yourself taking countless breaks, pacing, and stressing about getting something done that you may just not have the energy to do. You may be feeling burnout, or just overwhelmed. And, that is totally okay! Sometimes even the best of us need to take a step back to reboot our work productivity.

If you’ve ever taken a vacation where you’re able to unplug from everything, you may already know how this feels. You’re ready, and may even feel excited to get back to work. All the sudden, everything you’d been pushing off, you got done in no time at all.

Especially during uncertain times, many of us may be feeling this more than ever. When your home becomes your office, and your office becomes your workout studio can get a little complicated. Living, eating, working, and being active all in one spot for a long period of time can sometimes drain your creativity.

If you’re in need of a little reboot, we have outlined our best tips to ask for or take your vacation even when work doesn’t stop. If you aren’t able to fit a vacation in your budget, or get the time off, we provided easy ways to cope without a long break at work.

How Taking PTO Can Help You Get Ahead at Work #infographic

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