How Curcumin Fights Inflammation #infographic

How Curcumin Fights Inflammation

Curcumin is a bright yellow compound found in a number of plants, most notably turmeric and, to a lesser degree, ginger. This is the primary curcuminoid, creating similar results to other polyphenols but with a special twist of its own. Studies indicate that it can help maintain a healthy heart and avoid the associated cognitive decline in aging. Curcumin, however, is best known for its potent anti-inflammatory effects. Let's look at curcumin more closely and how it can help reduce and relieve inflammation.

While inflammation sometimes has a negative connotation, it really is a vital component of the natural immune response of your body. Inflammation is functionally designed to heal your body after any injury, repair any damaged tissue and defend your body against foreign substances, including harmful bacteria and viruses. Even the simplest wounds and disease will get infected, fester, and potentially turn fatal without inflammation.

How Curcumin Fights Inflammation #infographic

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