Study Stress-15 Things You Need to Know #infographic

Study Stress-15 Things You Need to Know

Stress is a feeling of both pressure and strain. Small levels of stress can be helpful and enhance the cognitive and physical performance of someone, but it can be detrimental to unnecessary stress.
 Students, particularly those who have just finished high school and are about to enter college or university, are among those who are likely to experience too much stress.

Stress has a number of symptoms: physical (headaches, body aches, nausea, sleep disturbance, tiredness), mental (sadness, sense of loneliness, restlessness, feeling depressed, irritability), cognitive (poor focus, worrying, anxious thinking, impaired judgment), and behavioral (altered sleeping and eating patterns, lying, preference for solitude, difficulty getting along).

Study Stress-15 Things You Need to Know #infographic

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