Snapchat Brings ' Transformation Ground ' Ar Effects on App #Article

In order to make things more fun for users on the app, Snapchat has added a new' Earth Transformation' AR effect which, as the name suggests, transforms the earth into various variations including water and lava via the Snap camera.

You can see what it looks like in the video posted on tweet.

According to Venture Beat, Snapchat used sophisticated AR software for the visual effect: "The real-time ground segmentation framework utilizes machine learning models to grasp geometry and semance, naturally isolating land-based artifacts from opposing backgrounds."

Snapchat has previously used similar effects to the segmentation of the sky that users seemed to love. And while those findings may not seem huge, they are showing Snapchat's ability in this regard.

It has recently started testing a new logo recognition feature and while only a few brands have the option available for now, when it comes to ads it's full of potential.

Snap collaborated with Tate Britain, The National Gallery and The Bank of England to launch the £ 20 bills as well.

Snap will open doors to a new brand marketing approach through innovative use cases and -AR apps, and more that could include enabling users to take advantage of discounts and promotional offers.

Snap's ability to adjust the floor may not be surprising but it's a symbol of what the app can do.

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