Should My Business Go to The Cloud? #infographic

Should My Business Go to The Cloud?

Hundreds of web pages are out there to answer the question, "What is The Cloud?" For our purposes, we can think of The Cloud as a bunch of internet-based computers that enable businesses and individuals to store their data and documents and share them securely only with those with whom they wish to share.  Organizations use the cloud as a central repository for their emails and documents.  Men are doing much the same.

If you're using a Google Drive, a laptop, a Microsoft OneDrive or a Dropbox, thank you!  Now you're in The Cloud!  It's more about, "How much of your digital world is with you at The Cloud?"There are many other cloud providers but the most popular are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.  These are available to corporations and individuals alike.

Should My Business Go to The Cloud? #infographic

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