Linkedin Introduces' Featured' Highlighting Part of Your Achievements #Article

Linkedin Introduces' Featured' Highlighting Part of Your Achievements #Article

Your LinkedIn profile is now having a fresh look.

The popular professional social network is launching a new' featured' section at the top right of your profile to highlight your key accomplishments and updates.

According to LinkedIn: "The featured section lets you provide examples of your work to people who see your LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to show your expertise and experience."

To illustrate important aspects and accomplishments that are part of your career, you can add any LinkedIn articles of your choosing to the section and add links to your personal blogs, portfolio or other web site.

LinkedIn said this latest update has been widely requested, and while helping users highlight key aspects of their skills, it will also help freelancers reveal their services and knowledge to potential clients by connecting their portfolios or blogs directly to their LinkedIn profile.

In your activity stream, you can select a' Featured' star to add stuff to the new section and that will then add the item to the featured section.

LinkedIn also suggested that users would need an authored or published post on the platform to add it to the featured section but, on the other hand, you can simply link your work to any website section.

The addition would in reality come in handy to refine your skills, accomplishments and services.  And people are still using it to attach links to their YouTube channels, or the posts they've posted on other websites.

LinkedIn would make the new section automatically available to all members and if you don't see this latest update on your profile, you can use it early.

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