Instagram on the App Restrict False Coronavirus Updates #Article

Following Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also announced that it is working to keep users updated on the Corona virus outbreak, while ensuring that they are only contacted with specific information. This is a smart strategy with the proliferation of false news spreading like fire across the internet.

Instagram said its goal is to remove any misunderstandings about the virus and ensure full accuracy in the updates. When users tap a hashtag of the Corona virus they can now see links to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other related institutions.

Instagram has now removed and banned all hashtags that post misleading data, which appears to be the same move by Facebook to block advertising that spread disinformation.

Additionally, Insta has started to highlight accounts of the world's top health organizations in search results, as well as for anyone looking for terms related to coronavirus, in an attempt to direct users towards trustworthy information.

The position that major social media outlets play in countering disinformation and monitoring fear among their users is applauded.

Given Instagram's success, attempts by the platform to keep users away from misinformation and excessive hoaxing have been much needed, and will definitely make a difference.

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