How to Choose Color Contact Lenses #infographic

How to Choose Color Contact Lenses

Creation of your distinct personal style should be simple, but with so many options, it can be hard to know which look works best for you. We also worked with LensDirect on this infographic flowchart to visualize the many tints and types of light contacts.

Colored contact lenses allow you to change the color of your eyes and build a look that's subtle, bold or anywhere in between — whether you want to enhance your daily look or rock a crazy Halloween style and other special occasions. Most of the colored contact lenses are designed to mimic the colored eye component's natural appearance, called the iris.

Because this region consists of colorful forms and lines, some color contacts include a series of tiny colored dots and colored lines and shapes that are radially arranged to make the lenses look more natural on the eye.

How to Choose Color Contact Lenses #infographic

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