Giving Schools an Honest Grade #infographic

Giving Schools an Honest Grade

Often, we should take our public education as a matter of course as adolescents. And, as infographic shows today, this is unquestionably extremely important for our community.

Today's chart reveals public schooling in the United States. Public education has clearly been very beneficial to the general population, with the number of US adults obtaining a high school diploma increasing at an impressive rate over the last 60 years or so. Besides this, student achievement in every major racial and ethnic group is higher than it was in the 1970s.

While all of that information is great to hear, there is still work to be done to equalize the result for each group of people. There are still significant gaps in the graduation rates between different demographics. For example, a middle-class white student is still far more able to graduate at a standard pace than it is for, say, a Native American student or an economically disadvantaged student graduating at the standard pace.

Giving Schools an Honest Grade #infographic

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