Facebook to Provide $2 Million for Misinformation and Polarization Research #Article

Since the advent of US presidential elections, Facebook has already started reviewing updated guidelines on election security. Last week, the social media giant has announced that it would offer funding for analysis on one of the big issues during the presidency, that is, disinformation.

For research into fake information and disinformation and how it is spread via social media platforms, Facebook will make around $2 million available.

Facebook states:

"To fund research projects, we will spend a minimum of $2000,000 to improve our awareness of misinformation, injustice, awareness content and dispute on the social media and social networking networks. We plan to encourage science advancement within these areas and contribute to shared understanding around the globe.

It can also provide comprehensive details about different strategies in various countries and can also combat any threats on Facebook in that areas where misinformation is not of great concern to other regions.

It is important to note that Facebook has said that it will not reveal any data and any information it uses must comply with the site's terms and conditions.

There is little question about the consequences of misinformation online during campaigns. Although political division has grown with the growth of social media, the full case and effect remain unclear. This is particularly harder to find, as the connection between what an individual is looking at and responding online is not obvious. But we know that people share their opinions openly online because there are increasing numbers of people who use social media for news.

Knowing its scope and effect is crucial to having further insight into disinformation so that it is easier to understand how it is dealt with.

This will be the outcome of the new initiative, along with Facebook support.

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