Facebook opens Mobile App Developer Studio #Article

The social media giant has released a mobile app for it's the Creator Studio network so you can take care of all your accounts quickly.

Social-media expert Matt Navarra tweeted a screenshot of the new app.

The video shows users will be able to use the app to create their Facebook pages, edit posts, monitor production and also respond to messages.

Facebook states:

The app is an evolutionary and mobile alternative to Creator Studio, a web platform dedicated to helping creators and publishers manage their content, track their output and interact meaningfully with their Facebook audiences.' Facebook removed its' Artist' app back in March 2019, which was released in 2014. The latest version is an addendum to the previous one. The software works on the same usecase as the desktop version but there are still some limitations.

Navarre noted that the app does not allow users to post new posts, so that they will have to post updates via the Facebook app or website and schedule them later. Facebook should be implementing this feature in the future, since the software appears to be a complete replacement for the desktop version.

This software would make it easier for advertisers and administrators to monitor their Facebook pages, in addition to everything. The software runs for both iOS and Android. Check them out now!

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