The Meaning of R&D In Software Industry #infographic

The Meaning of R&D In Software Industry

In the XXI century, R&D became an integral part not only of the economies of the countries, but also of the big companies and businesses. Research and Development or R&D refers to innovative activities undertaken by companies in the development or improvement of existing services or products. Without a consistent research and development plan and thus the department, a business could not be successful and create a great product amongst other businesses.

The importance of R&D is evident: it's how companies and businesses remain competitive and can serve better than their competitors. Research and Development (R&D) has gone a long way from conventional laboratories such as Xerox PARC to a few day hackathons, important not only for start-ups but also for big business. To ensure you understand the meaning of r&d, a team at Mobility has developed an interactive infographic that will give you an understanding of the various acronyms used in outsourcing companies.

The Meaning of R&D In Software Industry #infographic

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