How to Unblock a Drain Outside #infographic

How to Unblock a Drain Outside

Blocked drains are all-to-usual occurrences for homeowners. When this occurs, it can result in toilets, foil fumes and bacteria being released into the home environment being piled up–not healthy. If you have a blocked drain, the first thing you want to check is whether this creates an external drainage problem. But what exactly is "outdoor drainage"?

Basically, external drainage is any drainage system that connects your home's internal plumbing to the mains. Contains waste conveying pipes outside the home. A manhole tube, also known as a concrete testing chamber, is a hole in the ground used by waste management specialists to find out about the exterior drainage issues.

A chamber for manhole inspection is typically a prefabricated chamber, five to six feet into the ground, with enough space to stand or use a camera for inspection. For areas where the pipe runs more than 22 feet in a straight line, where the drainage pipes change direction at an angle greater than 30 degrees, and where the main drain runs through a brain pipe, such chambers are typically found in.

How to Unblock a Drain Outside #infographic

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