How Much Do Americans Drive? #infographic

How Much Do Americans Drive?

Do you know the average miles driven each year by drivers in the US are at an all-time high? Research shows Americans travel 13,474 miles a year— equivalent to more than four roundtrip drives from New York to Dallas.

While driving was always the primary mode of transport, Americans today are more dependent on their private vehicles than ever before. That said, passion for driving isn't expressed across genders and age groups alike.

The U.S. released the details Transportation department shows the average American flies more than 1,000 miles a month and up to 13,474 miles a year. But there's a significant difference when it comes to gender, with the average male driver reporting 16,550 miles a year and the average female driver 10,142 miles or 63 per cent less.

How Much Do Americans Drive? #infographic

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