How Do You Fight a Wildfire #infographic

How Do You Fight a Wildfire

As I'm sure we've all seen in the last couple of years, the rise of wildfires was serious. The 2018 Camp Fire was the worst in the history of the state of California-and sure things are not getting any better. In fact, the governor of California has warned people that wildfires would almost definitely become the "norm" of the state. And I am sure (or probably at least) that we are all aware of the wildfires that have devastated Australia in the last few months. Before March they are expected to burn in.

What are we doing? First of all, I suggest that anyone who is ready and able should go get certified wildfire fighting! That is if you think it's possible to check the pack. Don't worry, you just have 3 miles to walk... With a Pack of 45 pounds... In 45 minutes to go, or less. Fuckin'? That's all well. There is always a good way to support efforts to suppress fire and fire-fighters in the wild!

How Do You Fight a Wildfire #infographic

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