How Digital Transformation Changed Pawnshops #infographic

How Digital Transformation Changed Pawnshops

A few decades ago, it was possibly a novel idea for most people to think they could do so many things online. Issues such as shopping online, paying bills and even learning a new course are now part of the online environment, and people's way of living their lives has changed dramatically. Digitisation of our daily tasks has expanded to other industries, such as pawning, thanks in part to the tech industry's relentless innovation.

The pawning was done face-to-face, usually. Before any transactions could take place, you had to show the store the collateral, and apply it physically for review. Digital pawning now allows you to list your item in pawnshops so you can get deals quicker and often minimize the trouble of having to make trips to physical stores. It's worth learning about pawnbroking history and how it came to be to better understand the state of the pawnshop industry. Search the Chart below for a comprehensive timeline.

How Digital Transformation Changed Pawnshops #infographic

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