Glass Sipper: Guide to Drinking Glasses #infographic

Glass Sipper: Guide to Drinking Glasses

When you are gathered for a night of celebration with your friends, pairing your drink with the right glass may not seem like number one priority, but there is something to say about going the extra mile and serving drinks in the right receptacle!

Using the correct type of glass is not just an arbitrary etiquette point, either. Use of certain types of glasses has aromatic advantages. For example, the curvature of a given glass can affect the way you smell, and even taste your beverage. The shape of a glass may also mirror the geographic origin of the beverage. If you are drinking a German beer, a stein with a handle would be the most appropriate glass, while if the beer were of Belgian origin it should be served in a rounded snifter.

Authenticity is at the forefront of the beverage world, with the emergence of wine bars, craft beer breweries and particularly taprooms and cocktail culture. Through frequenting such establishments you will see drinks served in their expected glasses as the usual. Having a range of glasses at home which satisfies every need for drinks can be overwhelming. We suggest you start with the glasses of drinks you're most likely to eat, and build them up from there!

Glass Sipper: Guide to Drinking Glasses #infographic

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