Why Women Need To Start Talking About Money #infographic

Why Women Need To Start Talking About Money

When was the last time you got a raise? Maybe you’re in your first job and you’ve never had one, or perhaps you get your annual increase on schedule. Either way, most people avoid asking for a raise because it’s an uncomfortable topic. Discussing finances, in general, makes many people uncomfortable, especially women. Three out of five women would rather talk about death than money. It’s clear that we have imposed societal taboo around discussing money, especially for women.

However, talking about money with your friends, partner, or spouse is an important part of maintaining healthy finances and getting the pay you deserve. If you never feel comfortable talking about salary with your coworker, you may never realize you aren't being compensated fairly. Or if you avoid discussing investing topics with others, you may never feel confident enough to put money aside in an investment account for your future. In turn, your retirement could be set back by years.

For women especially, having a conversation about money and salary is an important way to reclaim the narrative. For years, women have been characterized in media and through education as frivolous spenders, rather than financially savvy investors. There’s still a ways to go when it comes to bridging the financial literacy gap, but until then beginning the conversation is a great way to get the ball rolling.

For more tips on ending the salary silence, check out this visual by Turbo:

Why Women Need To Start Talking About Money #infographic

infographic by: turbo.intuit.com

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