Top 6 Car Window Tinting Myths #infographic

Top 6 Car Window Tinting Myths

Millions of US car owners have car windows tinted. Making windows tinted is a common thing because of the advantages that it has. Auto tints have a primary function of shielding the auto from UV radiation. The amount of protection a tint provides depends on its content, and how much tint film is applied on the glass.

In line with this, window tints make the vehicle cooler, stopping heat from getting inside the car. Tints are also helpful in preventing glass shards from falling from broken car windows. Car certainly hides the individuals and belongings inside the car for those people who want protection because they come in dark colors.

But then rumors circulate around the automotive tinting industry. There are misunderstandings about what car tints are capable of, often disturbing car owners as their standards fall. Here are the top six theories about tinting vehicles.

Top 6 Car Window Tinting Myths #infographic

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