Modern American workplace trends for 2020 #infographic

Modern American workplace trends for 2020

Professionalism in the workplace continues to evolve in American workplaces evolve heading into 2020. Gone are the days of suits and cubicles with many modern offices embracing more of a casual feel to the office environment to try and lure and retain top talent. Even cubicles, which were once the most popular form of workspaces, are slowly being phased out for more open layout offices that are more collaborative and inviting for the modern worker.

With this change to a more relaxed modern office environment, many offices are now being designed with the employee in mind first and foremost. To learn more about how many modern businesses are embracing this change, Olivet Nazarene University recently surveyed over 2,000 American workers to learn more about the modern office. The surveyed asked about topics such as office design, office productivity, the rise of digital distractions in the workplace as well at the often-controversial topic of working from home.  Let’s take a look at exactly what they found from their survey of American workers.

What type of office do you work in?

Olivet Nazarene University first asked American workers about the type of office they work in currently. Interestingly enough, only 28% of American workers said they currently work in a cubicle. They found that most American workers now work in some sort of open floor space (51%).
See below for the full breakdown of the most popular type of office layouts: 

  1. Mix of open floor and private offices (34%)
  2. Cubicles (28%)
  3. Private offices (21%)
  4. Open floor, assigned space (13%)
  5. Open floor, no assigned space (5%)
Are you happy with the way your current office is setup?

The survey found that over ¾ of Americans are currently happy with their office setup. People who have their own office said they were most happy.

See below for the full breakdown of happiness levels:

  1. Private offices (90% happiness)
  2. Open floor with private offices (79%)
  3. Open floor, assigned space (74%)
  4. Open floor, no assigned space (73%)
  5. Cubicles (67%)
Business owners should take note that they least happy workers are the one’s that currently work in cubicles. Maybe the movie office space was on to something!

Employee productivity

The next part of the survey asked about how productive American workers are in their current office environment as well as the things they need to be the most productive and the things that they like and dislike the most about their current office setup.

The survey found that almost 70% of workers say they are currently operating at an optimize level of productivity in their current office. They survey found that workers in private office are the most productive and that workers in cubicles are the least productive. Business owners should again take note that workers in cubicles report being the least happy at work and the least productive! American workers say a quiet location, a dedicated office space and a comfortable desk and chair and the things they need to be the most productive while at work.

The survey then asked about the things at work that make employees the most happy and unhappy while at work. Listed below is a breakdown of both:

What makes you the happiest in your office?

  1. Natural light
  2. Free drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks)
  3. Comfortable meeting spaces
  4. Free snacks
  5. A pet-friendly policy at work
  6. Onsite amenities
  7. Walkable area near the office
  8. Cool modern décor
  9. Ease of access to outdoor space
  10. Standing desks
What do you dislike most about your office?

  1. Too much noise
  2. Lack of privacy
  3. Too many distractions while at work
  4. There’s no energy in the office
  5. Feeling like you are on display
  6. Isolation
  7. The office is too quiet
One way that American workers are dealing with noise in the office is buy wearing headphones while working. Most workers either listen to music or podcasts while at work and are wearing headphones over half of the time they spend at work each week.

Working remotely

The last part of the survey from Olivet Nazarene University addressed the controversial topic of working from home or remotely. One surprising data point from this section of the survey found that almost half of American workers said they have difficulty working with remote colleagues. 

The top reasons why people have difficulty working with remote workers includes availability (42%), collaboration issues (25%), working in different time zones and troubles with communication (13%).
To see the full survey results, check out the graphic below from Olivet Nazarene University. 

Modern American workplace trends for 2020 #infographic

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