Guide to Beautiful Fresh Flowers in Your Home #infographic

Guide to Beautiful Fresh Flowers in Your Home

As well as keeping those anniversary flowers, birthday blooms, and payday treats for fresh and pretty looking longer, you'll want to make sure they're presented healthy and beautifully. Selecting the right vase to put it in can be as important as putting it in a vintage style vase... Lesser buds and delicate flowers look gorgeous. The antique crockery could even be used for shorter stems, such as teacups or dessert bowls.

Those fresh blooms that you might see right in a meadow at home will look dreamy in a cottage-style vase–try a metal jug and keep the flowers loose. Flowers spilling above the rim of the jug will remain unfussy and natural in appearance.

Long stems with flowers that avoid displaying deserve a tall vase that displays them in all its glory! Your flowers will continue to make your day brighter for longer with the right tip son how to keep your flowers fresh, how to show them and what flowers there are in season!

Guide to Beautiful Fresh Flowers in Your Home #infographic

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