Body Kun Drawing Figure #infographic

Body Kun Drawing Figure

What body kun are and it's a great tool to optimize every artist workflow in drawing figures mainly.

The Body-kun figures are extremely articulated, and mimic human gestures to perfection. Thanks to these models, you'll have an infinite amount of references, right at your finger tips. I

f you're into drawing and illustration, these will be a huge help for you, especially when you're trying to draw more complex poses that are a harder to draw from imagination.

These figures are also perfect for beginners trying to improve their drawing skills. By practicing with Body-kun and Body-chan, you will improve a LOT faster! You will learn how to draw the human anatomy, you will lean proportions, shortcuts, and how to draw all kinds of realistic poses.

There are currently no other artist figures on the market that offer this level of realism and posing capabilities.

Body Kun Drawing Figure #infographic

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