10 Top-Grossing Films Directed by Women #infographic

10 Top-Grossing Films Directed by Women

There were many women in the history of directing to whom fiction and non-fiction films owe great successes, including international ones. Women started making great movies in the 1910s and they dominated the industry completely after half a century. Statistically, this career remains masculine though there are more and more exceptions: Lena Dunham and Julia Lee were recently added to this list, for example.

We've picked ten female directors from all over the world who can be very fair to newcomers and we're telling you which films they should pay attention to first. Looking at the outcomes of the BBC Culture global survey, one thing is most surprising. 209 Critics have shared their lists of the top 10 foreign language films. Of those respondents, 94 were women, that is, 45 percent, and yet only 4 were female directors in the top 100: Chantal Ackerman ("Jeanne Dilman, Commerce Embankment 23, Brussels 1080"), Claire Denis ("Good Work"), Agnes Varda ("Cleo 5 to 7") and Katya Lund (co-directorof "City of God").

There were more films made by men called Jean in the top 100-7 films than women's films. This alarming result puts the current conversation about the shortage of female filmmakers in a broader context: women run the risk of being excluded from their history because they are deprived of the opportunity to engage in their craft in the cinema.

10 Top-Grossing Films Directed by Women #infographic

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