Why Does My Water Smell Like Eggs? #infographic

Why Does My Water Smell Like Eggs?

If your water smells like eggs, you may have a problem. But we can get rid of a scent like that with some tools. An egg's odor is a symbol of extremely polluted water. When we hear, there are over 3,000 chemicals in the water.

In the plumbing system or water supply, the excessive amount of sulfur bacteria is often caused by the unpleasant odor of sewage. The hydrogen sulfide gas is produced when there is a lack of oxygen and it is also a source of the foul smell.

Most of the time, high levels of sulfur bacteria are the cause of the unpleasant odor of your water in your plumbing system or water supply. In the absence of oxygen, which naturally releases Hydrogen Sulphide gas, the foul smell is felt.

In fact, if you only detect the odor in your hot water tap, a chemical reaction may be the likely cause. Although they are not harmful, in hot water, iron bacteria may also cause this problem. Dry and hot water is the perfect breeding ground for iron bacteria.

Why Does My Water Smell Like Eggs? #infographic

infographic by: alkemergencyplumbers.co.uk

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