Tips For Online Dating Safety #infographic

Tips For Online Dating Safety

Online dating is on the rise, and 66% of those using dating sites have personally met their match. In addition to this, the most common form of online fraud is romance-related scams. In 2018, the median of love scams reported a loss of $2,600. There are a few ways with this that you can keep a step ahead of any possible scammers that might come your way.

To start with, use only trusted pages. Refrain from signing up on any of the thousands of dating sites available. If you can spring up for a website with membership fees, it can help ward off the average amateur scammer strongly considered as user verification.

Hold your information private on these trusted sites-even on public non-dating services. Just don't include any information that marks you. For example, your home address that can be tagged through an Instagram post, your workplace through LinkedIn, or your phone number that is connected to your Facebook profile.

These are very simple actions that can save your heart and wallet to complete. Continue to read about how to stay safe in online dating for more details.

Tips For Online Dating Safety #infographic

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