This Graph Shows Health Care Costs Across America #infographic

This Graph Shows Health Care Costs Across America

It's fair to say that over the past few years, health care costs have become very high. But if a hospital stay in one state could result in an average bill of $1,500, and a hospital stay in another could result in more than an average of $3,500, such differences could be quite serious.

The map takes a closer look at state-by-state health care costs: per capita spending, average employee deductibles, average employee out - of-pocket costs, and average stays in hospitals. California and New York may be the heavy hitters of government spending, but when looking at per capita spending, states like Alaska ($11,064 per capita), Massachusetts ($10,559), and Delaware ($10,245) and DC ($11,944) blow California and New York out of the water.

But that's spending on state. Where is the average worker going to spend the most? Locals in New Hampshire have an annual limit of $3,803 for workers and an overall out - of-pocket price of $8,289. That's pretty extreme, particularly when compared to states like Hawaii that pay just $4,664 for deductibles and $1,461 for out - of-pocket costs. See how the state's health-care spending fairs.

This Graph Shows Health Care Costs Across America #infographic

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