The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design #infographic

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design

Conversation has become the new "king" of online marketing. Consumers no longer wish to passively use polished advertising statements. We want to be interested, we want to know what your brand is all about. I would also like to have an emotional connection that will affirm the "correctness" of their decision. In other words, the global practice process has transformed the marketing environment and brought us to the foothills of the conversational interface.

In conversational UI design, thought about and curiosity is not entirely new. Nevertheless, with the increasing ease with which we can create conversational interactions, this topic has been opened up to a much wider audience.

While we have become masters of online content, subduing SEO skills, readability, and user-friendly formatting, conversation generation has left many business and technical writers at a loss. For one thing, conversations don't seem to have guidelines. We are unpredictable, more personal, and the use of colloquial language often goes against instincts when trying to create an illusion of authority and understanding.

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design #infographic

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