The Mobile Lawyer in 2020 #infographic

The Mobile Lawyer in 2020

The development of mobile technology has influenced many industries, including the legal sector. Mobile technology was just about a decade ago an added benefit, but now many industries, particularly those providing legal assistance, have become necessary to work.

Lawyers are now using their mobile devices to stay connected at all times to their clients (smartphones, ipads, etc.). Smartphones are used by lawyers to check emails, view contacts, web conferences, create and share documents, manage appointments, and more.

The use of mobile devices has also increased the online presence of lawyers and law firms. We are now active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. This helps support their job and attracts more clients.

Until going forward and working with one, most potential clients are checking the ratings of a law firm or lawyer. The development of an informative website and a strong social presence helps to have a positive impact on prospective clients.

The Mobile Lawyer in 2020 #infographic

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