Smartphone Urban Legends That Have You Fooled #infographic

Smartphone Urban Legends That Have You Fooled

It can only take you so far to focus on what's done in the films. If you've ever tried using a magnet to erase your phone data with the spy-trick, you should know it's not working. Magnets can erase data from magnetically stored media, tapes and floppy disks like records, but new devices do not use magnetic fields to record data. Nevertheless, magnets can permanently damage your phone, such as decalibrating the compass of your device-which uses magnetic fields to navigate.

Similarly, screen protectors do not "prevent scratches." In fact, your phone display is made of Gorilla Glass, which can not even be scratched with the average knife, is highly likely. Although before the display will be scratched, screen protectors are much less durable than the glass they are meant to protect.

There is an ongoing list of mobile shortcuts, such as repairing water damage with a rice bag and deleting the SIM card to avoid monitoring. Scroll down to debunk more theories about the smartphone-and put your mind on those that are real.

Smartphone Urban Legends That Have You Fooled #infographic

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