How Well Do You Know Your Finances? #infographic

How Well Do You Know Your Finances?

Steady finances can ease a lot of stressors. 2 in 3 Americans face insecurities when balancing their checkbooks. How well of a grip do you have on your finances? Consider budgeting to put money-stressors to rest, and this can guide you to living a better life. 2 in 3 who have a budget say it makes them feel more in control of their lives. 55% of budgets say the practice increases their confidence.

First, ask yourself: what are my financial plans? Set goals in alignment with your academic and professional plans to increase your potential for achievement. Additionally, make smart purchases: items that will save you time or money in the long run - self-cleaning vacuums and mops, self-operating lawn mowers, and more.

75% of Americans are unsure of how much they should be saving out of their paychecks. 48% save at least half of their income. More insights on knowing the ins and outs of your finances can be found by reading more below.

How Well Do You Know Your Finances? #infographic

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