42 Iconic Wedding Dresses from the Royal and Famous #infographic

42 Iconic Wedding Dresses from the Royal and Famous

The wedding dress of a bride is a huge choice for their big day, and the wedding gowns of celebrities are no different. People around the world enjoy their wedding dresses and often set bridal trends for years to come. While many were designed by popular fashion houses such as Givenchy and Versace, others were designed with simpler designs.

Either way, celebrities often choose a wedding dress that best reflects their unique style and shows their personality. Fashion retailer Lulus compiled 42 of celebrity and royalty's most iconic wedding dresses. When they first launched, these beautiful dresses made a big splash and keep inspiring brides as they choose their own perfect dress for their special day.

Although many of these gowns are white, others have exquisite designs and bright colors. From the stunning gown of Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen to the unconventional short green dress of Elizabeth Taylor, these memorable wedding dresses will not be forgotten soon.


infographic by: www.lulus.com

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