Prolonging Your Golf Cart's Battery Life #infographic

Prolonging Your Golf Cart's Battery Life

Golf cart battery maintenance is one of a golf cart owner's most important duties for a few reasons. First, because destroying your golf cart battery by charging malpractice is relatively easy, and second, because replacing your golf cart battery is not exactly cheap.

Replacing your golf cart battery can mean shelling out your own pocket anywhere from $65 to $200 to cover the cost of replacing and installing your battery. Whether you want to save yourself the hassle and dollars, knowing some golf cart battery care procedures isn't too late.

One of the secrets of extending the life of your golf cart battery is regular, consistent and thorough maintenance. You can detect problems by performing a routine check of the safety of your battery before they blow out of proportion and require replacement.

Getting a charging system in place, especially if you do not have an automatic charger, also helps prevent common charging problems that usually send cart owners prematurely shopping for a new golf cart battery.

Prolonging Your Golf Cart's Battery Life #infographic

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