Plastic Bottle Consumption and Recycling #infographic

Plastic Bottle Consumption and Recycling

To be honest, the fact that plastic does not cover every square foot of the planet is quite surprising. Research has estimated that 6,300 metric tons of waste have been created by humans since 1950, of which only 9% have been recycled. The same report projects that if the trends in waste management continue at this staggering rate, it will double the amount of waste by 2050. Scientists also argue that plastic is highly likely not to break down at all.

No matter how you view the current picture, it only shows one thing: Plastic suffocates Earth. CitiGPS's report estimates that single-use plastic bottles constitute 15% of ocean waste. The greatest plastics problem is the fact that they don't break down. Degrading plastic into smaller pieces called microplastics takes about 500 years.

Plastic Bottle Consumption and Recycling #infographic

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