Breaking Down the Vaping Epidemic #infographic

Breaking Down the Vaping Epidemic

During the last decade, e-cigarettes or vapes have become popular. It comes in different shapes and sizes, with customizable features and flavors. Considered a trendy alternative to cigarettes, it is not shocking that they cater to young and old alike.

Recent reports, however, show a growing lung epidemic linked to vaping.[1] In addition, JUUL, the leading e-cigarette company, is under fire for the rising rate of underage vaping. In this guide, we will examine e-cigarettes ' health risks, why they are prevalent, and their socio-economic impact on people.

E-cigarettes are battery-powered, pocket-sized contraptions simulating smoking. We work to create an aerosol that is inhaled into the lungs by heating a liquid solution. By pressing a button or simply taking a puff, it is triggered.

It is possible to modify the' e-liquid or e-juice' to contain nicotine and various flavors. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD) oils are also used by other vapors. THC is a' strong' psychoactive drug, while CBD is known to help alleviate different types of pain such as arthritis.

Breaking Down the Vaping Epidemic #infographic

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