What is a Vaporizer and it's Different Types #infographic

What is a Vaporizer and it's Different Types

A vaporizer is a battery or a power supply which enables the consumer to warm up either oils or plants to a temperature that converts the solid matter to a vapor. The vaporizer then inhales the vapor into the bloodstream, which contributes to numerous physical and mental consequences.

This point needs to be clarified, as many people often find cigarettes vaporizing. NOT cigarette sprays. The purpose of the vaping is to prevent the substance the user wants to inhale from being burned. Smoke exists only if a material is heated to a temperature so high that it burns. Combustion affects the heating state of the material. As combustion occurs, smoke is released. Instead of a flame, smoke is a mass of small burnt particles.

Therefore, the smell of smoke leaves a trace of ashes and smoke is stuck to hair and fabrics. We also inhale toxic carcinogenic substances when we breathe in these burnten spores. The heat reacts to the burning fuel and forms carcinogenes. Even if the material they use is natural and healthy, when burned, harmful chemicals are still added to the skin.

In addition, the vaporizers thermally heat the product chosen but stay below the combustion stage. The vapor emitted and injected into the bloodstream is composed only of solely vaporized compounds.

What is a Vaporizer and it's Different Types #infographic

infographic by: www.kronicvapes.co.uk

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