UK Phone Secrets #infographic

UK Phone Secrets

The study finds that 47% of young Britons have sent a naked picture of themselves to someone and 25 % of those surveyed have admitted having filmed themselves having sex with their partners. These results are not that shocking, let’s admit that if you haven’t sent an intimate picture, you have probably thought about doing that at least once.

However, even though ‘Upskirting’ law came into force in the UK earlier this year, almost half of those surveyed fear that their intimate pictures might be made public. Meanwhile, 20% admit to showing an intimate photo sent to themselves to a third party. Even though the offenders of this law could face up to 2 years in jail and being placed on the sex offenders register, 15% of those surveyed admit they have shared someone’s intimate pictures as an act of revenge.

UK Phone Secrets #infographic

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