Time Management Tips That Fit Your Personality #infographic

Time Management Tips That Fit Your Personality

When it comes to time management procedures, not everyone can fit the cut and paste mould. When intended to suit your individual personalities, as discussed below, the best time management approaches are efficient. This person, also known as the typical social butterfly, is outgoing and loves being around individuals. Distraction can be readily achieved while they can be seen as natural colleagues. The social individual, however, should concentrate on a more interactive and group-oriented setting.

In social circumstances, this individual is usually comfortable, but is motivated by ambition and focussed on major duties. This sort of individual is also driven and self-sufficient. This can, however, also be regarded as a weakness if support is not sought as necessary. Tasks that require persistence, but don't answer well to an authoritarian directive, are useful for individual drivers.

Time Management Tips That Fit Your Personality #infographic

infographic by: icraftopia.com

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