Stop Taking Your Glasses For Granted #infographic

Stop Taking Your Glasses For Granted

Do you wear glasses? If so, it’s a technology you probably take for granted. After all, the basic idea of glasses hasn’t changed much over the last several hundred years. But what you may not realize is that the technology that goes into your glasses that you can’t see has changed quite a but, and you may be taking it for granted.

Monks invented glasses in the 13th century, but glasses as we know them today made from mass-produced frames have only been around since the 19th century. The technology that goes into lenses is quite astounding, however. In just over a hundred years we’ve gone from polarized lenses to UV coated lenses to tiny, thin polycarbonate lenses that have ten times the impact resistance of older styles of lenses. You can even get nonprescription and prescription lenses that block out blue light, saving your eyes from the strain of smartphones and computers.

Learn more about how glasses work below!

Stop Taking Your Glasses For Granted #infographic

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