Ranking Factors 2020: Facts and Myths #infographic

Ranking Factors 2020: Facts and Myths

Google seemed to have 200 + ranking criteria a little while later. In reality, it was in 2009, and now we are heading for 2020. Over the last ten years, Google has changed dramatically. Today, the AI-based neural match performs nearly 30 percent of all searchs and Google understands concepts behind keywords.

RankBrain, first phone indexing, and HTTPS have been launched. The subject of ranking factors remains as new as ever, since we need to adapt to the changes and to find ways to reach SERPs. Let's look at what classification criteria are to be taken into account in 2020 and which misconceptions are to be left behind.

Ranking Factors 2020: Facts and Myths #infographic

infographic by: www.link-assistant.com

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