Preventing Turnover With Benefits #infographic

Preventing Turnover With Benefits

For most companies, employee turnover is a costly issue and the cost is increasing. Average $4291 can be used to replace one retail worker only and global turnover costs are expected to increase by $80 billion next year. How can employers counter losses in a world where workers go on record for new jobs?

The labor market is strong enough to offer better opportunities to people who are not happy with their employment and wages. But what can you do if your company can not afford to pay higher wages in order to keep people around?

The remedy to retain workers satisfied if take-away pay alone is not enough to offer benefits. Companies offering benefits have a significantly lower turnover rate than those which can not make substantial savings in replacing employees that have moved on.

Learn more about the effects of turnover and how it can be prevented below.

Preventing Turnover With Benefits #infographic

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