Natural Ways to Calm Your Dog #infographic

Natural Ways to Calm Your Dog

Despite the differences between humans and dogs, we all share some similar social behavior and emotions, such as worrying. We all know the unpleasant feeling that comes with being in a state of distress. However, restlessness is also a normal and healthy emotion, especially when they’re dealing with a specific event or a threatening situation.

The problem lies with the disproportionate levels of worry that are left unchecked. High levels of distress can lead to high blood pressure which can lead to weakened arteries and even blindness. Nervous behavior can also directly cause physical injury or self-harm. Uneasiness can even make them more susceptible to illness as the changing hormone levels can have an impact on a dog’s immune system.

With that said, it’s perfectly reasonable to help your pet when they’re feeling jittery. While many factors that trigger their sudden distress can be worked over through training, there are a handful of natural solutions you can try to help man’s best friend to ease their panic levels.

Natural Ways to Calm Your Dog #infographic

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