How to Fight a Ransomware Attack #infographic

How to Fight a Ransomware Attack

It can always strike. You work on your computer for a minute, and the next you work on your computer is weird, and you can not access your files. See your files in a directory that has modified file names. You're watching the same thing on other directories. You are trying to open Word files, Excel files, nothing works properly with the images. You restart your computer as Microsoft appears to be able to solve most of the problems. This time, though, not. Rebooting doesn't fix anything this time.

You may be able to see a message appearing on your screen that all your files have been encrypted. You may see a file in all folders and be informed of the attack when you open it. What happens here is that malicious software invaded your computer, encrypting most documents if not all.

The only way to decrypt these files is to get a decryption key. The only way you can get a decryption key is to pay the victim a ransom. And in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, the perpetrators request payment that is untraceably. It is like making them pick up a bag of unmarked cash bills on a park.

Will you wait for the money to return your files? Not probably. You have it all backed up hopefully. Then it is just a matter of the virus removed and the backup data restored. It could be simple and easy, or it could be difficult to remove the virus. It may also require a complete software reformat to make sure it is actually clean.

But what if you don't have enough file backups? Do you have to pay the rescue? Let's think about that. Let's talk about it. The offenders who perpetrated this assault on you. What is the likelihood that offenders keep their word and provide you with the decryption key after payment?

If you sent a lift and then they did not help you encrypt your files, what solution would you use? So, when you pay for the ransom and they provide the password, what keeps them from attacking you again? Perhaps the following attack would involve thousands of dollars instead of hundreds. You've shown them you're a good revenue source for them.

How to Fight a Ransomware Attack #infographic

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