How Often Should You Clean Your Home? #infographic

How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

There are two main seasons when cleaning the home is top of mind: Spring and winter. Seventy-six percent of Americans claim to participate in spring cleaning each year, and tackling a dirty home before family visits for the holidays is a dreaded challenge for many.

While deep cleaning is popular at these times, regular maintenance is needed throughout the year as well. A dirty home can not only cause the spread of bacteria and allergens, but it’s also a source of emotional tension. When surveyed, 66 percent of Americans said that a dirty home made them feel stressed or anxious.

To get a better idea of how people approach cleaning in their home, we asked 1,000 Americans about their cleaning habits. When asked "Who does the majority of the cleaning in your home?," 63 percent reported doing the cleaning themselves, 12 percent leave it for their partner or significant other and 12 percent pawn it off on a maid or cleaning service. Less than 5 percent of respondents said their roommate, parent, sibling or relative did the majority of cleaning.

Decluttering has been proven to have an impact on mood and self-esteem. Clutter can overwhelm our senses, take the focus away from other things and make it difficult to relax. It can inhibit creativity and productivity. This disorganized state also serves as a source of embarrassment and guilt about what your home should look like when guests visit.

How Often Should You Clean Your Home? #infographic

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