Halloween By The Numbers #infographic

Halloween By The Numbers

Right now, 172 million Americans are knee-deep in the process of installing seasonal home decor elements, dreaming up character costumes and clever horror costumes, and buying party-sized candy mixes (it’s literally being sold by the three- and four-pound bags at big-box retailers). It’s Halloween people. And that means it’s time for The Shelf’s annual infographic of Halloween statistics, trends, insights, and strategies (you know us).

Halloween numbers are doing an interesting dance right now. The number of Americans who say they will celebrate Halloween this year is three million less than it was last year this time. Don’t be alarmed. I don’t think Halloween is going anywhere. There are actually a couple of trends contributing to the drop including fewer school-aged kids and fewer families planning to go trick-or-treating.

Halloween By The Numbers #infographic

infographic by: www.theshelf.com

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